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What our students say...

"I learned the art of blog writing, and the more rigorous assignments challenged me to unpack complex ideas. 


Because of the Digital Nomad Writing Club, I'm applying to psychology-related writing jobs that require me to translate studies into ordinary language - a direct result of my training with Kaila and Julie-Ann. Thanks to everyone who made my experience so incredible!"

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"Since I started this course, I've gained a lot of knowledge in freelancing, how to write SEO friendly blog posts and task management among many other things.


What I like the most is the warm and friendly work environment. They feel like a family that is always there to support you in every professional aspect, and they encouraged me to find my niche and succeed in it."


How to Apply

So now that you know that the DNWC will elevate your writing and bring in the cash money, the only thing left to do is get your application in to us! 

It couldn't be easier (well, I suppose, technically it could be) just follow these simple steps:

  • Give us your deets - name, email address

  • Select your semester

  • Upload your CV/Resume

  • Then show us what ya uploading 3 samples of your work (Word or PDF)

  • Let us get to know you a little by submitting a cover letter, or even better, a video

  • Hit that submit button like it will win you the lottery (It might win you a whole new lifestyle!)


  • Go make some Om-like noises to chill out or some nom-nom noises if you are hungry, and let us process your application and come back to you! 

Told you it was simple! 

Now press the big button below. Go on, you know you want to!

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