Julie-Ann Sherlock

Chief Editor

Meet our editing guru. Not only does Julie-Ann have the final say on all the articles before they’re submitted to our clients, but she provides feedback and mentorship to our blossoming writers, and draws on her wealth of experience to give second-to-none writer’s workshops. Julie-Ann has seen the evolution of the writing and editorial industry into the digital age. She originally gained experience from roles in magazine admin, newspaper advertising sales, a journalism internship in a radio newsroom, and a Club Promotions and Media Officer at a football club in her native Ireland. When she lost her job at the football club due to cutbacks (she blames Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland…), it was the perfect opportunity for a career overhaul to keep up with the digital changes. She went back to college as a mature student and kicked serious ass by studying two degrees side-by-side in two years. As part of her degrees in Digital Marketing and Project Management, she studied writing for the web, UX/UI design, web design, photography and a range of other tech-related subjects. While winding up her degrees, she came across an ad for a part-time, remote content writer for an agency. She’s still working for them five years later. Her golden piece of advice for digital nomads: find that ‘bread-and-butter’ client, and don’t let them down! Once you have a guaranteed source of income, it becomes much easier to make your digital nomad life a long term reality. Travel has always been in Julie-Ann’s blood, having emigrated to Canada with her parents when she was 10 months old, before returning to Ireland aged four. Since then, she’s taken every opportunity she could get to go exploring, whether it was backpacking across Europe or road-tripping through Ireland with her sons. Four years ago, with both her sons having flown the nest, two degrees under her belt, the financial security of her agency position, and confident she could pick up freelance work as she went, she decided to scratch her travel itch and take her work on the road, journeying across Asia. She hasn’t looked back since. It was while volunteering in India in July 2019 that she came across the role of editor at Digital Nomad Writing Club –– and we are so grateful for it! Her wisdom and insight, not just on improving your writing skills but how to actually swing it as a digital nomad are unmatched. During her travels, Malaysia captured her heart, and she spends a lot of time in Kuala Lumpur –– but she loves the ease of not being tied down anywhere, knowing her bag is always packed for whenever she wants a new adventure.