Kaila Krayewski

Founder/ Managing Director

Digital Nomad Writing Club is the latest brainchild from Kaila Krayewski. Kaila has combined travel with work for the past 14 years –– making her a digital nomad long before people were calling it that. Her journey started in her native Canada, where she studied journalism, before going on to further hone her writing skills and expand her worldview with a master’s in International Relations in the UK. From here, she secured a competitive role managing the communications for Oban, a multilingual SEO company. In her time with Oban, she helped establish their place as a leader in the digital marketing industry, by spearheading a substantial PR campaign that saw the company featured in over 100 magazines. Armed with her experience and successes, but looking for a new challenge –– and most importantly, some new places, she started to take remote writing roles which enabled her to work while she travelled. This led her to Bangkok ten years ago, to direct the editor process for several luxury travel magazines. Thailand is still home today, though it’s been on the paradise island of Koh Phangan for many years now. In 2013 once again she wanted a new work challenge, something more on her own terms. With the knowledge, connections and vast network she had established, she launched her own content marketing company Archipelago Communications, from her Thai island stronghold. Kaila discovered she is a natural entrepreneur, able to sniff out what doesn’t exist yet and make it happen –– particularly if it supports her fellow digital nomads. In 2017, she established the Content Castle, on the neighbouring island of Koh Samui. This live-in content writing residency and workshop programme enabled her to give the training and mentorship she wished she had received to the next generation of digital nomads. The new decade of 2020 marks the next progression of her projects. Cue, the Digital Nomad Writing Club -- a virtual evolution of the Content Castle’s writing programme. With one finger always on the pulse of the digital marketing industry needs, coupled with the ambition to make her successful writers’ residency programme at the Content Castle more dynamic and inclusive, DNWC is the natural next step. Who better to provide a platform for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps and create their own digital nomad success story?