Renee Daly

Workflow and Account Manager

Renee masterminds the writer and client side of the Digital Nomad Writing Club. She holds down the workflow and process for the writers (yes –– making sure you hit those deadlines!), whilst coordinating the communications and briefing process for the clients. She is a true organisational and strategic superwoman. We don’t know what we would do without her. Not unlike a superhero, she had many lives before starting her digital nomad journey. It's hard to believe that she only left her native Australia for the first time 12 years ago. Since then, she has seriously made up for lost time, visiting 47 countries to date and counting. In her former life back in Australia, Renee successfully climbed the career ladder in bank management, coordinator and PA roles in the mining and construction industry, and managing a major client’s workflow process for an engineering company…but after that first trip overseas she caught a serious case of the travel bug. Seven years ago, she took the plunge and decided to embark on a less conventional career path which would give her greater freedom to travel. She sold her house, cashed in her savings and set her sights on making a living abroad a full-time reality. For a number of years she was part of a collaborative venture running an independent travel business in India –– a country that still feels like home. Her major turning point came in July 2018, however, when she landed a place at the Content Castle, Digital Nomads Writing Club’s bricks-and-mortar predecessor. Not only did she hone her writing and editing skills, but her organisational prowess caught the eye of Kaila and ultimately landed her a job at Archipelago Communications, the parent company of both DNWC and the Content Castle. Once again location independent, Renee has become a true digital nomad, working as she has travelled across Southeast Asia, Nepal, her beloved India, and returning to her homeland Australia every now and again. Renee knows how to keep things balanced. When she isn’t overseeing the writer workflow and client accounts, she is pursuing her holistic passions. She has studied and is trained in Yoga, Ayurveda, Coaching, NLP, CBT, and Mindfulness, and can’t wait for the day that she can draw on her vast skill set and launch her own wellbeing business. Watch this space…