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Founder and CEO



Chief Editor and Workflow Manager



Content Strategist & Former Student of The DNWC



Operations Manager

Kaila Krayewski is a serial entrepreneur who is revolutionising the content creation industry. After gaining professional expertise in marketing and journalism, she chose to combine the two fields to launch her content marketing and content creation companies that work hand in hand. 


Kaila has carved her niche as one of Southeast Asia’s top travel writers, writing for the Shangri-La Hotel Group, Calvin Klein, and Langham Hotels, AIG Insurance, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, CNN, Travelite, as well as countless websites and print magazines.


The new decade of 2020 marks the next progression of her projects. Cue, the Digital Nomad Writing Club -- a virtual evolution of the Content Castle’s writing programme.


With one finger always on the pulse of the digital marketing industry needs, coupled with the ambition to make her successful writers’ residency programme at the Content Castle more dynamic and inclusive, DNWC is the natural next step.  


Who better to provide a platform for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps and create their own digital nomad success story?

Meet our editing guru.


Julie-Ann has the final say on all client articles and provides feedback and mentorship to our blossoming writers while drawing on her wealth of experience to give second-to-none writer's workshops.


She has seen the evolution of the writing and editorial industry into the digital age and initially gained experience in media admin & sales, radio newsroom journalism, and as the Media Officer of a football club in her native Ireland.   


She went back to college as a mature student to earn degrees in Digital Marketing and Project Management, which included modules in writing for the web, UX/UI design, web design, photography and a range of other tech-related subjects.   

In 2017, after both her sons had flown the nest, with two new degrees under her belt, the financial security of an agency position, and some freelance work, she decided to scratch her travel itch and take her work on the road journeying across Asia.


While volunteering in India in 2019, she applied for the role of head editor with us, and we luckily snapped her up and are holding her hostage since!

A lifelong digital nomad, gifted gabbler, and graduate of our very own writing programme, Iolee travelled the world before settling down in Ireland.


Although she was already a talented wordsmith, she wanted to get hands-on experience in the business side of things by working for a content agency — and since she hates goodbyes, she stuck with us for a bit longer!


She handles our social media profiles and manages some of the brands we work with to ensure everything runs smoothly both in the front and back of the house.  


Even though she has given up on the nomad lifestyle to start a family, she enjoys the freedom and creative benefits of her location-independent career and wouldn't change it for the world! 


With a rich background in multiple industries, including teaching, office administration, and marketing, she brings a fresh perspective and great passion to her work with us at the DNWC. Her sparkling personality lights up even the darkest room, and her kindness, dedication and knowledge make her a key member of our team.

Yasumin, a young blood generation who is passionate and has a dream to be a digital nomad. She has experience in the operations field since she graduated and was an intern in an overland expedition agency which they do the trips to drive from Thailand across countries all over the world.


After one year, she was promoted to be a Sales and Operations Specialist. In 2018 she received an offer to join 5-star hotel as a Junior Management and she excelled to every department, giving her a stronger foothold in the field of operations.


She handles all admin works, HR, contracts, moreover she’s passionate in artwork design!