Want to become a freelance
writer but not sure how?

Become a remote writer.
Work from anywhere.
Fire your boss and ditch the commute.

Turn your life around in just 6 months using the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program (while still working your day job)

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👉It's not too late to
start over.

If you're looking for a sign, this is it.

The idea of quitting your job to pursue a remote writing career sometimes feels stupid and scary, but always feels right and freeing🪁 

You cannot let go of the urge to start over but...

   🤷‍♀️    You have commitments and responsibilities. 

   🤷‍♀️    Bills to pay. 

   🤷‍♀️    You obviously cannot afford to be rash with your decisions. 

And you really shouldn't. 

It would be irresponsible. 


Get rid of the risk factor...

It's too risky to say 🖕 it, quit your job, and figure out your new life of freedom on your own. 

There's too much on the line. 

But, what if you could start over and significantly remove risk from the equation. ​

You hear it all the time: 

    ❌  Don't quit your job unless you've saved up 6 months of your living costs

    ❌  Don't quit your job for your side hustle unless it starts making you 30% of what you make at your regular job. 

    ❌  Don't quit your job until you have enough clients to pay for your basic living costs. 

This advice is great and all, but how do you figure it out practically?

   🧐   How do you get enough clients to cover your living costs? 

   🧐   How can you stop procrastination from getting in your way?


   🧐   How do you get paid to write when you don't really have a writing portfolio that can impress tough editors? 

💡 From our personal experience with 100s of clients over the last 10 years, a freelance writer needs three things in their arsenal before going solo:


     ✔️  A portfolio.

     ✔️  Experience with PAYING clients.

     ✔️   Confidence to pitch to editors. 

That's what you're going to have by the end of the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program (built by the Digital Nomad Writing Club).

And that's what you need to have BEFORE you jump ship and quit your job.

What if you had paying clients and a

money-making portfolio? 

Unlike any other program, the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program offers you: 

 A stellar portfolio

The opportunity to work with real-world clients


this is our secret formula for your success. 

How much easier would transitioning to a new life and saying hasta la vista to your employer be now?

This is exactly what you'll get after completing the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program:

🤩 Know how to write in a way that will get you paid (like the back of your hand). 

🤩 Own a compelling portfolio that easily wins clients.

🤩 Be aware of how editors and publications decide how to hire. 

🤩 Be able to quit your job and start your paid writing career IF you put in all the work throughout the 6-month program.  

🤯 No other writing program offers you this. 🤯

Will I get to work with real-world clients in the program?

Great question! 👏

In our program, working hard and honing your skills gives you the opportunity to work with real-world clients (as part of the program). 

Only our best students qualify. 

You will have ✨ multiple opportunities ✨ to apply to work with our clients throughout the entire program...


✨📆 ...AND up to 6 months after graduating from the program. 

So, if you put in the work and really level up your skills there's no reason why you shouldn't finish this program without real-world experience that you can boast about and include in your portfolio.

🤯 Let me repeat, no other program offers you this. 🤯

(oh...and we've been doing this for more than 5 years). 

Shortly after finishing the Nomad Writers' Pathway program, I was contacted by several e-commerce and tech companies!! I have ghostwritten a few articles and received some offers - some, I had the luxury to refuse.

I charge $0.18 per word, and a few hundred dollars per blog post, but I'm looking to increase my prices soon.

This program has opened up many opportunities for me. All the prospects that contacted me were because they found my portfolio (which I wrote entirely during the program!).

Sara Cristia H.J. 

You want the pros on your side.

Hi, friend. I'm Kaila. This is me. 

✌️ Me without my makeup on. 

✌️ No pantsuit. 

✌️ No filters.

✌️ There's even an oil mask in my hair. 


This is usually what I look like when I'm doing client work from my home on a Thai Island. 


This is what it looks like to be a digital nomad and live life on your own terms. 

📝 I've been a digital nomad writer for 12 years. 

So, I know what it means to reinvent yourself. ​

I know it's frustrating and frightening, but I am living proof that it is rewarding and within reach. 💸

Here is my story:

At the age of 23, with a journalism degree and master’s degree under my belt, I quit my well-paying job😨...


and boarded a plane to Southeast Asia, with nothing but my backpack and a cheap travel laptop!

⌚ My plan was to travel for a year.


But I didn't have enough cash...


Desperate to make this lifestyle work, I decided to pick up some freelance jobs that I would complete on my laptop from whatever given location, to supplement my savings. 

😶  It wasn’t easy to find these jobs. 


😶  I didn't have anyone to show me the ropes. 

😶  I had to figure it out myself. 

😶  There was a lot of trial and error

Over time, I learned how to work my way up the freelance ladder 🙌...


I learned how to write less and make more. 🙌

I managed to lock in several long-term jobs...🙌


...that allowed me to make my way across 8 countries and have the best time of my life. 🙌

These techniques even helped me land my dream job as Executive Editor of a luxury travel magazine in Bangkok. 

After a few years in Bangkok, I decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to an island in the South of Thailand, where I started my content marketing agency.

Through my agency, I learned how to quickly and efficiently train my team to be able to write well and write fast.

I was so inspired by the progress my writers were making that I had the brainwave to start a content writing school, teaching the same techniques.


The writers who worked for me encouraged me in this venture, telling me how much they had learned from me and how much more confident they were to kick off their own writing careers after my coaching.


🤓 So, I took everything I’d been teaching my team and transferred all of my digital nomad writing knowledge to the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program.


This program guides you through everything you need to know to get started as a digital nomad writer - and gives you the two most essential tools you need: a winning portfolio and the opportunity to work with real-world clients.

🤓 I've done the heavy lifting, now you don't have to. 

You shouldn't need to guess your way through reinventing yourself. 

Why should you, when I can save you the grief? 

This is exactly what I teach you in the Nomad Writers' Pathway ™ Program. 

Click the button below to get started and start getting paid to write in 6 months.

Here's what Andres thinks about the program

What's included in the program?

Classes and Coaching

You’ll master everything you need to know to become a successful digital nomad writer. 


  • Virtual self-paced classroom

  • Weekly writing workshop

  • Quizzes 

  • One to one coaching

  • Detailed feedback on your work from seasoned editors

Fashion Blog

Experience with Real-World Clients

Get the opportunity to gain real-world writing experience with real-world clients.

You will have multiple opportunities to qualify for this throughout the program and up to 6 months after you graduate.


This type of experience is the ultimate preparation for your successful writing career. 

Study Group

Supportive Community

You'll officially become part of the Digital Nomad Writing Club. This includes: 

  • Slack channel, where you can have immediate access to us throughout the working week.

  • Exclusive DNWC Facebook Alumni group where we share digital nomad writing jobs, hacks, and challenges.

Job Ready Portfolio

Never worry again when someone asks for your portfolio. 

You will have a portfolio that will impress even the toughest editors. 

You will be armed with several pieces of writing published under your name spread across various writing niches. 

Show off your versatility, and show up in style to your ideal client's inbox.

Erin found the program
"really powerful".

Why does the program take 6 months?

A writing fundamentals course and writing masterclasses
wrapped up in a 6-month experience.


Learning the ropes



Your first month with the DNWC will be all about getting to know what’s expected of you, our editorial processes, familiarizing yourself with the tools we use, and learning about our clients. You’ll also learn basic writing skills (including research and editing) that you’ll need to get started on your real-world writing assignments.


Your classes and course themes this month include:

   💎   Onboarding and training on our tools;

   💎  How to read and interpret a brief;

   💎  How to quickly research a topic;

   💎  How to incubate an idea and achieve illumination;

   💎  Editing your own and others’ work.


Perfecting the craft

Now that your writing muscles are warm, it’s time to learn the skills that will really make you stand out as a writer. You’ll learn how to pitch and how to make your personal brand shine.


Your classes and course themes this month include:

   💎  How to craft an objection-proof pitch;

   💎  Start making a name for yourself as a digital nomad writer;

   💎  Nailing the right voice, tone, and style for different clients;

   💎  How to write an article in 3 hours.


The business of being a writer

In the third month of our writing program, you’ll learn important skills that will help you land more paid work. The key skills you'll learn this month will increase your value as a freelance writer.


Your classes and course themes this month include:

💎  SEO fundamentals for content writers;

💎  Marketing and networking for digital nomad writers;

💎  Blogging for yourself;

💎  Building a portfolio with personality.


Web writing



The fourth month of the program is your first month as a Master's DNWC student.


You’ll start slowing things down and drill into the skills that'll make you real money as a remote writer. This month, your focus will be on writing for social media and websites.


You’ll also select your niche and brush up on your industry skills and knowledge while building your niche portfolio.


Your masterclasses this month include:


   💎  Learn to write for social media;

   💎  Learn to write for the web;

   💎  Locate your niche;

   💎  Build expertise in your niche.


Content Marketing Skills

Your fifth month in the program is the second month of the Master's course.


It prepares you to market yourself or others by walking you through the process of creating a marketing plan.


You'll also learn how to create a press release that makes your message stand out. Writing a press release can play a major part in helping to launch a business or product and should direct readers to the content you've created.


Your masterclasses this month include:


   💎  How to write a marketing plan; 

   💎  How to write press releases.


Going it alone

In your sixth and final month at the Digital Nomad Writing Club, we want to make sure you have the skills, tools, and knowledge to start making money from your writing without our help.


You'll learn how to do a final edit that gets your piece client-ready.


You also will be given a Freelance Writer Toolkit to help you build your business and your final workshop is designed to walk you through how to use them. 

Your masterclasses this month include:


   💎  How to make every writing piece client-ready;

   💎  Making the most of your Freelance Writer Toolkit and Templates. 






 Design Your Dream Writing Life program

You'll get access to a self-paced virtual course complete with 12 units each with interactive playbooks and video tutorials ) that lead you through the process of getting crazy clear on what your dream writing career looks and feels like.


And together, we're going to build you a personalized roadmap for how to achieve that goal. You'll submit your filled-in playbook to us after each unit, and at the end of the program, we'll be sending you your own personalized roadmap for how you will land your dream paid writing gig. 

Here are some of the units included:

  • Building the most important habit

  • Learn from the legends: Selecting your teachers

  • Become a better content consumer

  • Build your daily routine

  • Get the tools

  • Design your dream life abroad

  • Get clear on your rates

  • Design your dream client

  • Your pitching plan

Playbook 3 Preview.png

This is what Pieter had to say about the program

Starting over is
not for everyone.

But maybe it is for you.

The Digital Nomad Writing Club is ideal for anyone with a dash of writing talent and a huge dose of passion for the craft, who:

    👌 Wants to hone their research, writing, and editing skills before going it alone.

    👌 Wants step-by-step guidance on how to win writing clients.

    👌 Wants the opportunity to gain experience working in a real-world content agency.

    👌 Is seeking personalized guidance on how to improve their writing skills.

3 great reasons to take the leap

1. You're going to be ready to land a paid writing job 

Upon graduation, you will have all the tools you need to land a paid writing job: a stellar portfolio and the opportunity to work for real-world clients.

We will also support you in your search for your first paid gig. 

We've really got your back. We're a family at the club. 

2. You will graduate with a portfolio clients love 

After 6 months of daily writing practice (and maybe even working with real-world clients), you will certainly have a portfolio you are proud of. 

Never worry ever again when a writing job post indicates 'portfolio required'. 

Your portfolio will speak for itself, it'll be your wingman that helps you pitch to clients with effortless ease. 

3. Regret

What's the cost of not investing in yourself? In 6 months, everything you've dreamed of can be within reach. 

⭐ Work from any country you choose. 

⭐ Set your own schedule. 

⭐ 20 hour weeks? 10 hour weeks? It's in your hands now. 

⭐ Give your family the quality time they deserve. 

⭐ Be the best version of yourself, not the stressed-out one. 

In 6 months, all this can be much more tangible than a fantasy. 

✋ I'm not saying you'll have a mansion with a dozen cars in 6 months. 

I'm saying you'll have way more options and richer opportunities than you do today. 


It's simple. 

🔥 You'll be ready. 

🔥 Portfolio? Check. 

🔥 Clients? Check. 

🔥 Confidently knowing your way around the digital nomad job alleys? Check!

You're not going to be making millions of dollars in 6 months. But you will make a good income from writing. 

An income that allows you to rearrange your life and gradually live on your own terms. 

All I'm saying is, you'll be way more confident to seal that envelope with your resignation letter and begin the life you've been waiting for. 

I can easily say that Digital Nomad Writing Club is one of the best places that I've worked with in my lifetime. 


As a transmasculine person, I always felt seen and heard, which can be rare in many other settings.  The editor that I worked with even asked for my feedback on issues that are important to my community. 


A few times, I was even able to focus on LGBTQ+ topics as part of my writing assignments! 


Overall, Digital Nomad was a fun, rigorous, and supportive environment in which to "cut my teeth" as a writer.  I learned the art of blog writing, and the more rigorous assignments challenged me to unpack complex ideas. 


Because of Digital Nomad, I'm applying to psychology-related writing jobs that require me to translate studies into ordinary language - a direct result of my training with Kaila and Julie-Ann.  


The Value Proposition of the digital nomad writing club (1).png

Your questions, answered:

What’s the learning process like?

Through our many years of teaching writers to become better writers, we’ve honed a variety of effective teaching techniques at the Digital Nomad Writing Club. We cater to visual learners through our video-led self-paced writing course. We cater to group learners through our weekly interactive workshops. We cater to individual needs through one-on-one mentoring and coaching. And, the students who take our student intern option will receive what we consider to be the most effective learning process: active learning, which goes beyond just memorisation and gives you the experience needed to transform that information into practical strategies.

How often will I get 1-on-1 mentoring?

The Head Editor’s virtual door is always open for any queries and assistance but on top of that, you get monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions. These Zoom sessions offer you an opportunity to pick the Editor’s brains, discuss any issues you are having with your writing and allows the Editor to give you feedback to help you hone your skills.

How much time will I spend writing each week?

This totally varies. You get out what you put in. Beyond the weekly workshops (around 1.5 - 2 hours) and the self-paced writing classes, you’ll have the option to submit up to 3,000 words of your own work. Writing your own work is usually far less time consuming than writing for a client. Plus, if you don’t feel like writing 3,000 words, you are welcome to submit less - or nothing - should you choose to.

What kind of content will I write?

We’ll work with you at the start of our programme to establish your own writing projects, which you’ll work on and receive feedback on throughout the course. We will also work with you on establishing your writing niche, which is an essential part of becoming a successful freelance writer.

What does a typical week look like?

You’ll work your way through the virtual classroom at your own pace. These are complemented by our interactive weekly workshops, as well as our lively discussions that take place about writing tips and tricks in our Slack community. You’ll work on up to 3,000 words of your own writing, and submit it through our channels to be cross-edited and polished with lots of feedback. You’ll also interact with past and present DNWC students on our exclusive Facebook group, where we post paid writing opportunities, digital nomad writing and lifestyle hacks and ideas, ask one another for writing tips and advice, and more.

Here's how much Ioli loved the program!

What'll it cost me?

Our unique setup allows us to offer one of the most affordable writing programmes out there.

You can choose from a one-time payment of just $600 USD, or you can opt for 6 monthly payments of $120. 

Your dream life starts here

A one-time payment of just
6 monthly payments of