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Figure out what kind of writer your want to be when you grow up - no matter your age - with introspective, science-based exercises that will get you crystal clear on your path.

What can you expect from the programme?  

You'll get access to a self-paced virtual course complete with 12 units (so far, and I'm adding more), each with interactive playbooks and video tutorials (by me) that lead you through

the process of getting crazy clear on what your dream writing career looks and feels like.

And together, we're going to build you a personalised roadmap for how to achieve that goal. 

You'll submit your filled-in playbook after each unit to us, and at the end of the programme, we'll be sending you your own personalised roadmap for how you will land your dream paid writing gig. 

Here are some of the units included:

  1. Building the most important habit

  2. Learn from the legends: Selecting your teachers

  3. Become a better content consumer

  4. Build your daily routine

  5. Get the tools

  6. Design your dream life abroad

  7. Get clear on your rates

  8. Design your dream client

  9. Your pitching plan

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