Our Story

Welcome to our pioneering digital nomad writing course designed for bold and driven scribes.


Our virtual community is a place for wanderlust filled writers to develop their craft, map their strengths and weaknesses, and enhance their freelancing skills as they build iconic portfolios.

The Content Castle

The Digital Nomad Writing Club is the brainchild of Archipelago Communications’ founder Kaila Krayewski. As a professional writer and nomad, she noticed the lack of a forum where writers could connect with one another and share their experiences while they polished their creative skills. In short, nomad writers need a tribe and guidance to stay motivated and progress on their professional path. From these insights came the revolutionary concept of a digital nomad writing course that mentors aspiring writers while giving them access to consistent freelance opportunities.


Kaila’s first venture was to create a brick and mortar space for the project on the island of Koh Samui. After finding a rundown home for rent and securing an investor, she utilised the skills of her husband Fraser Dalgleish, who remodelled the entire interior, and interior designer Vicky Falileeva to create a chic haven for writers named The Content Castle. 


The vibrant writer’s design house took time to take off -- it was, after all, a brand new concept. Eventually, the house was consistently full of budding writers excited to hone their craft. But after three seasons of operation, with more than 30 writers undertaking and completing the residential programme, it became evident that the residence and the heavy workload that came with keeping such an operation afloat -- although an incredible space for writers -- too often led to unwelcome dramas that took away from the core goal of the program: shaping successful digital nomad writers.  


In reaction to the feedback of the participants and recurring issues with the programme, Kaila acted fast. She closed the house and transitioned the programme to an online space. 


Reducing the workload was the first task at hand -- Kaila reduced it by half and made the online offerings more potent with a virtual self-paced writing course, a private digital nomad writing job board and a new website -- essentially improving upon all the positive elements the Castle offered, and ridding the programme of what had been holding it back.


Digital Nomad Writing Club

Through the learning process of The Content Castle, the Digital Nomad Writing Club was born. The Writing Club is a one of a kind virtual community that combines the training, mentoring, and real-world writing clients necessary for writers to ignite their careers. 


In this innovative virtual space, there is the chance for storytellers, travellers, and dreamers to come together in an online village where they will find their authentic voice and expand their writing toolkit through creative collaboration all under the guidance of industry experts. 


This is a place where writers keep their personal freedom and also set their professional lives up to charge into the wild world of freelancing with confidence and a stacked portfolio. 

Hard Work the "Write" Way

This revolutionary programme may be the first of its kind, but it’s not for the faint of heart. If you are accepted after the application process, you will be engaged in 6 months of intensive writing, editing and portfolio building with real-world clients under the tutelage of professional writers. The virtual classroom includes coaching, weekly workshops and mentoring from elders already established in the business. 


When you leave, you will have a portfolio of published pieces with bylines, but you will need to engage in hard work under strict deadlines during the process. Keep in mind, this is not a retreat for long-term travellers but more of an intensive internship and finishing school for devoted writers who want to take this pursuit to the next level. It’s about being inspired, sharing in a community, and gaining lifelong friends while creatively growing. 


For writers who push themselves to accomplish their best writing, they will leave with in-depth knowledge of the content writing industry, a killer portfolio and everything they need to begin their own freelancing business. 

Step Toward Your Writing Dreams

Today, The Digital Nomad Writing Club is committed to mentoring its seasonal classes of digital nomads through the half-year program until they can step into thriving careers as freelance writers. This is a brilliant time to get involved in the growing industry of content writing as our world shifts toward more remote work, and before the market is saturated.


Are you ready to take the bold moves you need to embrace your future career as a freelance writer? Would you like to work with a powerful team of mentors to support your writing process as you embark on a new career path? Apply now and you could soon be writing for digital publications anywhere in the world and making a new future where you can live as a modern working traveller and earn your living using your creative spark.