Announcing Our New Marketing Partnership (and why it matters to you)

Back in September of this year, I was facing a dilemma.

We were 9 months into our first year as the Digital Nomad Writing Club (DNWC). We had a handful of students -- something I was happy about, because I wanted to keep our enrollment small and tight-knit so that I could keep an eye on everything as we found our feet.

But I was facing a few major challenges. Namely:

- Getting our name out there

- Explaining our product's USPs (I knew what they were, but I was far too close to the product to be able to come up with a concrete message)

- Finding the time to engage with our growing network on all our social media platforms while running two companies (and raising a one-year-old!)

I knew I needed help. But I didn't know what I wanted.

I considered going the VC route and applying for funding that would allow me to hire a full team.

I reached out to my contacts and arranged calls with anyone who was willing to hear me out and offer advice, in an attempt to find some direction.

I hired a marketing manager, but it didn't work out -- I realised that what we needed was a team.

Finally, I realised that what I really needed was marketing partners. A team with a stellar track record, who believed in what we were doing and were personally vested in helping us grow.

I put the message out there in this post, and the response I got was actually overwhelming. But most of those who responded to my ad were individuals. Whereas I knew after my experience hiring a singular person that I needed a team.

Enter Elizabeth and Mario, of Sherpa Way Marketing.

Liz's email hit my inbox as I was waiting for another marketing team to meet me for a scheduled Zoom call -- who never showed.

I'm a strong believer in divine timing, so I was already intrigued before I even read her message.

Liz, I would soon read, had quit her job at 23 and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand (just like I did!). She, too, had built her copywriting career from scratch, and published hundreds of travel articles (good ones, too -- I made sure!). She, too, had a failed business under her belt. She was super into the digital nomad lifestyle, and had started her own digital agency together with her partner Mario (another believer in the location-independent lifestyle), offering all the services that we don't (website building, online marketing, video marketing, SEO and advertising).

In short, Liz and Mario at Sherpa Way Marketing were the perfect complement to our services.

In the short time they've been with us, they've:

- Completely rebuilt our content sales website (and it looks awesome)

- Designed a killer social media campaign that I'm crazy excited about, completely backed by branding templates, target audiences, and competitor research

- Created and hosted a social media crash course for our DNWC students (who help out with our social media marketing under Liz and Mario's direction)

- Designed a thorough content strategy that will almost undoubtedly put our name out there in a big, big way

- Researched, designed, and launched Google Ad campaigns

- Met with some of our clients who are interested in their web and graphic design services

- Brainstormed with me about next-level ideas we have for 2021 (OMGGGG!!!)

So, why does all this matter to you? I told you I'd tell ya. Well, you'll have noticed that our social media presence has been pretty blah. Get ready for it to become pretty TA-DAAAA in 2021! Here's some of the exciting stuff you can expect from us, via Liz, Mario, myself, and our students, in 2021:

- Fully branded social content for the Digital Nomad Writing Club, complete with all of the wanderlust-inducing content you need to give you that added push to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle.

- An exclusive group managed by digital nomad writers and marketers with years of experience in the field. We're talking about writing prompts, personal tips, destination reviews, and so much more.

-Videoooos. Yep, we're finally going to start focusing on our YouTube presence. Complete with Liz's film background, Mario's editing skills, and my tips, tricks, and stories, we're aiming to offer high-level visual content in 2021.

- More consistent blog posting. We have years and years of writing tips and digital nomad advice backlogged in our brains. This year, we're going to share more of it.

- Immersive courses that cover a variety of topics related to digital nomad writing. Want to dive deeper into SEO? Sure! What about learning how to film, edit, and upload videos as part of your own blog or personal writing brand? Yep!

Got any ideas or suggestions for us that you think we absolutely MUST incorporate into our 2021 plan? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you :)

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