Looking for a Marketing Partner

Hello world!

We're coming up to a new semester at the Digital Nomad Writing Club (starts November 2, 2020 -- stay tuned for exciting information about scholarships!).

We've been busily working on adding a tonne of value to our programme -- from recording our Foundations of Writing classes for our self-paced virtual writing course, to meeting with potential teachers of our Writing Masterclasses, to working with our current students to develop their skills and create a plan to find their dream writing job, to keeping our content clients happy with captivating, engaging content. We're even in talks with a couple potential clients that could be really, really fun to write for (fashionistas will love them, particularly!).

And we've been so busy, that we've barely had time to stay on top of our social media and online marketing. So I've decided to see if we can find a marketing partner -- either an individual or a team -- who would like to work with us.

Here's what I'm thinking:

The role: Take over the marketing strategy, creation, and implementation for both the Digital Nomad Writing Club and Archipelago Communications

You'd be in charge of:

- Digital Nomad Writing Club's: Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram account, LinkedIn Page, newsletter, autoresponders, and blog

- Archipelago Communications': Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, newsletters, autoresponders, and blog

The role would be:

- Part-paid (we can negotiate something fair)

- Part-commission ($200 per new student sign up -- target of 3 per month), ($200 per new content client -- target of 1 per month)

- Part-content barter (you receive $1,000 worth of content each month in the form of blogs, articles, website content, sales copy, whatever you need, written to your specifications)

* Bonus: Our marketing partner would be welcome to get our students to compose posts, under their direction.

I would even be open to offering equity stakes in the company if that would seal the deal with the perfect potential partner.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please get in touch with me at Kaila@helloarchipelago.com, with:

1) A statement of why you're interested in this role

2) Why you want to work with us in particular

3) A range of how much you would ask the "part-paid" portion of the deal to be

4) Your CV or company deck

Kindly note that we will only respond to applications that contain all of the above elements.

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