What Does It Take to Be a Digital Nomad?

Career quizzes are an excellent way for people to figure out if they are a good fit for a job. In fact, many companies now use personality tests and employee assessments to determine whether or not prospective employees will be compatible with their teams. So, taking a similar approach, here are a few questions for you to consider as you think about the digital nomad lifestyle:

  • Are you a risk-taker?

  • Are you resilient in the face of setbacks?

  • Do you feel confident about your skills and earning capabilities?

  • Are you comfortable marketing yourself to others?

  • Do you have marketable skills?

  • Are you willing to make sacrifices to further your career?

  • Are you looking for more flexibility in your life?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, then this article is for you. Maybe you are between jobs, perhaps you are tired of your job, or possibly you are just looking to make some money on the side. Whatever the reason, being a digital nomad may just be the answer that you are looking for.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomad” is a trendy word at the moment, but if you're considering this kind of lifestyle, it’s important to understand exactly what it encompasses. Simply put, a digital nomad is someone living the nomadic lifestyle via the means of technology and digitalisation. The idea was first introduced by a man named Steve Roberts in the ‘80s when he referred to his ‘technomadic lifestyle.’ Roberts was an author who maintained a full time writing career while cycling 14,000 miles around the U.S. on a computerised, recumbent bicycle. At the time, this was unheard-of, but today it’s quite easy to believe due to various technological innovations that now allow people to work from anywhere they please.

Nomadic living is appealing because it gives people a freedom that is rarely found when tied to a regular 9-5 job. However, not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. At the end of the day, this lifestyle requires a good amount of hard work and dedication to be successful. Here are some of the traits and qualities that the most successful digital nomads have.

Be Self-motivated and Follow Your Passion

Many employers believe that self-motivated people make the best remote workers. The truth is that work is still work no matter where you do it from, and some days it can feel like an uphill struggle. Digital nomads have to be optimistic, resilient, and willing to make sacrifices. In essence, they have to be willing to do whatever it takes. One of the best ways to do this is to find something that you are passionate about and use that passion as a jump start.

Get Organised

Organisational skills give workers the ability to be highly efficient and productive. They allow a person to strategise, prioritise, and consistently complete the tasks that need to be done. However, as a remote worker, there are often more things that need to be balanced and organised. For example, digital nomads who want to travel must have a plan and organise everything before they leave.

Work On Your Communication Skills

If you work remotely, you aren’t afforded the luxury of chatting with co-workers daily. There are less face-to-face interactions and thus an increased chance of miscommunication. This means that digital nomads have to do their best to communicate as clearly as possible. Whether with clients or co-workers, remote workers must do their best to create open and clear lines of communication.

Use Your Creativity and Innovation

More people are joining the remote workforce, which means that digital nomads will have to do more to stand out. The digital nomad lifestyle relies heavily on self-marketing and creatively using social media and other forms of technology to impress clients. In a world that’s constantly changing, innovation and the ability to creatively adapt are invaluable skills.

Know the Ins and Outs of the Technology

In the last twenty years, technology has completely transformed and continues to do so each and every day. Anyone whose livelihood relies on technology will have to do their best to keep up with the newest apps, devices, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Finally, Be Confident

According to various surveys, the remote workforce will most likely continue to grow in the next few years. If you are interested in becoming a digital nomad, there’s no reason not to try it. Although the nomadic lifestyle is easier for some than others, confidence is probably one of the biggest indicators of success. If you want a new and flexible lifestyle go for it! To boost your chances of success and your confidence levels, join a programme like the one offered here at the Digital Nomad Writing Club. Many say that the biggest obstacle to success is fear. So my advice is to have confidence in your ability, be fearless, and go ahead and give the nomadic lifestyle a try.