What is the Definition of a Digital Nomad Copywriter?

Updated: Feb 10

Top Learnings From This Article:

  • Copywriters can work from anywhere (with the right equipment)

  • They also are the voice of their client -- similar to journalism

  • Copywriters have less time to work on their own projects

  • Pay starts around $61,000 for full-time copywriters

My boss lives in Thailand, and my editor lives in Kuala Lumpur. They’re wordsmiths who have turned their talent into careers doing what they do best -- copywriting. Copy-what? Definition, please.

Exotic locales, quaint cafes and the beach: these are the copywriter’s workplaces, and Google Search and laptops are the tools of their trade.

But what do copywriters do, exactly? I know I’ve often wondered what the job entails. Here, you’ll learn what the definition of a copywriter is, and in the next article in this series, you’ll learn how to

get started as one. Intrigued? Read on!

Nebulous, no?

Copywriting differs from traditional writing in that its products are different. I know that I thought of writers as reclusive folk who spend years whittling away at their masterpieces. Or maybe globe-trotting reporters sharing the play-by-play of the latest bombing or natural disaster from the comfort of their (paid) driver’s Land Rover. While you can certainly drive a tankini as a copywriter, you'll be more likely writing blogs instead of covering wars, and penning business eBooks or whitepapers instead of bestsellers.

Like journalists, copywriters usually work for someone. They tell the story of that someone’s brand--or product--from their client’s point of view. Your boss can be a company, a person, or even a lifestyle website. Heck, we’ve even got dental hygienists that pay for us to tell their story!

Also, like many journalists, you’ll be representing your boss, just in a more personalised way. Your voice will

be their voice. Think: I will tell you about startup trends, instead of This is NPR.

Can I Make a Name for Myself as a Copywriter?

Absolutely! Sometimes you get bylines, sharing your name with the world!

Plus, you’ll be paid for your work. Indeed.com lists an entry-level copywriter’s base salary at $61,837. This figure is for office work, but you can absolutely freelance, too!

>> Learn more about how much freelance and office copywriters get paid here (link coming soon).

But more import

ant than money, your reputation will be your name. Research, dependability, and snappy artistry will be your bread and butter. You must be willing to take on your fears, sometimes write about topics you disagree with, and to be reliable.

But I’m an Artist

Is there a trade-off between writing for fun, and copywriting for cash? Of course. Mainly, it’s that you’ll actually be getting paid so you might not write your bestseller quite as fast, but you will have a roof over your head. Plus, you’ll have something real to tell people about at your next dinner party -- or by the pool of that far off beach resort! ;)


If you have the chutzpah to write compelling prose and the need to get paid, a career in copywriting just might be for you! Copywriters usually work from safe locations, embody the voice of their clients, and, occasionally, see their name under the work they’ve published. If creativity is your name and paychecks are your game, copywriting might be for you!

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