Why You Need Content Writer Training

If you’re anything like me, you want to get paid. Now. But no work, no pay, right? And no work without experience. How do you solve your money worries and begin getting paid as a digital copywriter? You join Digital Nomad’s copywriting academy, of course!

Here are the three best reasons why you need Content Writer Training to break into the business and to, yes, get paid. ;)

Portfolio = Poverty-Buster

As we established earlier, a degree is not the be all, end all of your copywriting application. Instead, HR managers - who are often creative folks themselves - look for…. you’ve got it: CREATIVITY!

If you can’t write, you’re stuck. But if your words begin to twinkle when you put your fingertips to a keyboard, you’re on the way to your first gig - or job!

There is nothing to underestimate about a digital portfolio. It gives the people doing the hiring a sense of your voice, the scope of your talent, and a feel of where you would fit in their agency. Even better, it gives you agency experience!

Before you begin applying to jobs, visualize who you’d like to write for. Then build your portfolio around that. One way to organize it is by topic, and another is by whether you got a byline or not. If that sounds terribly daunting, no worries! It’s all part of our Club’s training course!

The need-to-know: Digital Nomad will help you build a portfolio and customize it to the clients your pocketbook (and hopefully your heart) pines for.

Work = Relevant, Recent, Revolutionary

For many reasons, employers would like to know if you’ve been, well, employed. Can your portfolio attest to recent trends in SEO? Do you have experience writing for topics that are technical or which fill a niche? Do you play well with others? A work history that’s paired with a portfolio can start to answer these important questions.

If your work history has gaps in it, a training course to even them out - and to show momentum - might make your next interviewer smile. Demonstrating that you’re interested in your chosen field and that you’re ready to learn shows employers that you take initiative. And completing a course shows that you follow through. A course in content writing can even substitute for paid work because you are working during the course.

The glowing personal recommendation from the head of the academy might be the edge up you need to get your first job or gig. We at Digital Nomad pride ourselves in helping our students land that first job. Heck, we even coach them on the direction to take!

If you’re not sure if you have the training or skill set to complete an assignment, then Digital Nomad is for you. Here, we teach the skills required to become a proficient digital copywriter - everything from pitching ideas to writing with confidence through research.

Some of the classes and learning experiences offered by Digital Nomad include:

  • SEO terminology and developments

  • Meta-description writing

  • Harnessing Google shortcuts for faster research

  • How to write an article in under 3 hours

  • The art of an eye-catching blog post

The Need-to-know: Digital Nomad will give you the work experience you need and the someone you need to vouch for you! And along the way, you’ll pick up essential skills that will make you a better writer!

Agency Experience → Employment

This builds on the last section a bit: it’s easier to find a job when you have a job, right? Hiring managers and common sense both say yes. And you need to know how to do a job to do a job, right? (Hint: the answer is yes).

You can expect to learn the ropes of a content writing agency even if you’ haven’t been hired yet. How???

Digital Nomad and training courses like us treat you as though you’re in the content field already, but with care. They drop off your assignments with care, pick you up when you’re down, and offer a little leverage if something comes up. Think of us as agency training wheels.

With a variety of assignments coming your way, you’ll learn about technical and recreational assignments, and might even get to sneak in a travel blog into your portfolio!

The Need-to-Know: Agency experience at Digital Nomad is the perfect launchpad for your copywriting career! You’ll learn the how’s of content writing as well as the why’s, all with a gentle touch.


Writing can be a challenging field to break into. Not only do you need a killer portfolio, a work history, and agency experience. You also need to know if you want to be a digital copywriter.

At Digital Nomad, we’ve got your bases covered. You’ll gain experience while building your portfolio, and you’ll get a stellar recommendation from our CEO to boot!

We know it’s a lot to invest in, but you can figure out if and where you’d like to be writing after your tenure at Digital Nomad. And that’s priceless.

Apply today!