Scholarships available

Pssst! Hey you! 


Yes, You! 


Did you know that you can join the Digital Nomad Writing Club programme for FREE!? 


YES, you can get all the hands-on writing experience, top-class tutorials/workshops and portfolio building from our writing programme for nada, zilch, zippo, etc., if you get a DNWC Scholarship!


"So how do you get one of those?" I hear you scream excitedly. Do something all writers should do and read more! 


We think our programme is so worthwhile that everyone considering a career as a digital nomad or freelance writer should have the chance to partake. That's why we offer the following scholarship opportunities:

Intern scholarships*

  • 2 available

  • No programme fee

  • Requires an additional 5-7 hours of writing work per week, working with our editorial team


Semi Scholarships*

We also provide semi-scholarships giving you a hefty 50% discount! So it's like Prime Day and Black Friday all rolled into one, but with a bargain that actually enhances your life! (Unlike the bag of fresh Irish air I bought. 😒) 

  • 2 available

  • 50% off the full price programme fee


*(with a fully refundable $100 USD commitment fee)


Yes, you read that right. Your eyes do not deceive you. 


We give away places on our course to those who we feel deserve the chance to upskill, gain experience and receive mentoring on their journey to digital nomad writer's nirvana — a paid writing gig.