The Syllabus

Kicking Things Off

The first course on our syllabus is designed to help students successfully step into the DNWC world of writing.

This class is a basic introduction to our programme. It includes an overview of our standard operating procedures (SOP), as well as the apps (Slack, Trello, Google Docs, etc.) that we use to streamline our writing processes.

New students are warmly welcomed into our programme and given all the tools and resources needed to make the most out of their time with the DNWC.


Channelling your inner Clouseau

All content writers know that before you write, you must do your research. But sometimes, research can seem especially daunting and time-consuming. 

The second class on our syllabus aims to give students the tools to make their own article research process smooth and effective. 

Covered in this class is writing preparation, preparing your workstation, Google search tips, key article research tactics that our writing experts use themselves, the importance of incubation and, of course, how to avoid plagiarism. 

Upon completion of this class, you'll know exactly how to approach any assignment, from any angle, with confidence.

Incubation to Illumination

Sometimes with writing, you just don't know where to start. You might have all of the pieces of the puzzle laid out before you, be finished with all of your research, and have a grand plan. Yet, when you sit down to write, nothing comes out. 


Some topics covered in this class include freewriting, an overview of how to pull all of the parts of your piece together, the importance of using targeted keywords, some helpful check-lists for organisation, and tips on how to verify and synthesise your research into one complete masterpiece.


This class allows students to develop their writing process in ways that can push writers through the fog and into brilliance.

Edit Sober

As the old saying goes, "Write drunk, edit sober."


At DNWC, we believe that editing is one of the most important things that a writer can learn to do because it refines, clarifies, and elevates the work. A writer is only transformed into a good writer when they are also a good editor. 


This class will go over some basic grammar refreshers, the most common writing mistakes, formatting guidelines, proofreading tips, fact-checking, and some editing resources guaranteed to make the process more enjoyable.


After this class, you'll have the skills needed to polish even the most finicky of pieces to near-perfection. 

Pitch Perfect

A good pitch is key to getting the best writing gigs. 


While pitching can seem intimidating at first, putting your ideas out into the world is the best way to get new clients and make a name for yourself as a digital nomad.


A good pitch must present an idea as well as explain why the story is relevant, timely, important, and unique to the publication you're pitching. This DNWC class covers pitching tips and tricks, and walk writers through how to research for and write a compelling pitch.


By the end of this class, you'll know how to craft an alluring hook and headline to land any client you choose.

Making a Name

for Yourself as a

Digital Nomad Writer

If you ask a successful person the secret to their success, marketing will probably be a key ingredient in their magical mix. With the right marketing, you can reach your desired customers and achieve your full working potential.


In today's media-frenzied world, we digital nomads must know how to effectively brand and market ourselves to appeal to the masses. 


This class covers topics such as the importance of portfolios, how to start a website and the value of your bio. We also give some examples of the best ways to connect with "influencers" in the industry.


You'll come away from this class, with the knowledge you need to effectively sell yourself as more than "just a writer."

Nailing the Right Tone, Voice & Style

When writing, it's essential to know your audience. Are you writing for a business or blog writing? Do you need to be formal or informal? Casual or professional? Informative or entertaining? 


There is always a time and place for every style of writing, but it's crucial to make sure that your writing matches the brief provided. 


This class reviews the different styles of language, sentence structure, vocabulary, and tone so that you always know how to best meet the client's needs. Additionally, it will teach you how to establish a strong voice and how to refine and develop your writing style.


Upon completion of this class, you'll have all of the skills needed to write for any situation that you might come across as a budding digital nomad writer.

How to Write an Article in 3 Hours

New writers often struggle with time and writing. It can feel like everything takes too long, and it is a struggle to complete assignments and stick to deadlines.


This workshop walks students through a sample process that demonstrates how to streamline your writing practice. Led by one of our expert writers, you get a glimpse into the world of a professional writer and editor with trade secrets for producing excellent and engaging articles in a short amount of time.


You may not whittle your article-writing time down to just 3 hours immediately, but with practice and by employing the techniques taught in this class, you'll find your writing process is sped up significantly.

SEO Fundamentals

As digital nomad writers, SEO may not be our favourite topic, but it's incredibly important. Most writing clients are looking for content that helps improve their search engine ranking, so you must have at least a basic knowledge of the topic. 


This writing class takes you through the basics of SEO. It explains how to properly utilise keywords, meta descriptions, and cross-linking to create quality work that will get your pieces the most views. 


It will leave you feeling much more comfortable with how to write and publish overall quality content that expresses the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness needed to appeal to the most readers and come out on top of the search engine result pages.

Blogging for Yourself

Start a blog! As a budding digital nomad, you'll likely have heard that this is one of the best ways to start building your brand.


Blogging can both be a great way to get into online writing as well as an approach to start creating a name for yourself. The process also helps develop good writing habits and serves as an excellent tool for self-promotion. 


But, as with everything else, there are some dos and don'ts for success. This portion of our online writing course goes over the best blogging practices as well as the most common blogging mistakes to avoid.  


Some topics covered include self-promotion, client promotion, how to build your authority, and how to find content ideas. It also looks at how to decide on blog length and schedules, as well as how to make the most of social media to create a name for yourself.


After this workshop, writers will know how to enter into the world of blogging in a way that will grant them the most success.

Building a Portfolio

with Personality

Your writing portfolio is your golden ticket into the writing world. Without a strong portfolio, it can be next to impossible to demonstrate your skills and credibility. 

In this class, you'll learn how to prepare your resume and portfolio, the different options for creating an off-line or online portfolio, how to use it, and how to find paid writing opportunities.


Most clients ask for writing samples to determine if you're a good fit for their company, and having a curated portfolio of samples at your fingertips puts you way ahead of the game.

By the end of this online writing course, you'll know all of the hacks needed to put your best face forward, with a portfolio that showcases your unique writing skills and helps you land your next big client.


All our classes are designed to help you forge a career in the digital nomad writing world so that you can live your dreams.

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